Our Visions Toward the Future

To be a company that offers nourishment and smiles throughout the world.

Now more than ever before, people around the world demand nourishment,both mentally and physically. They expect to be enlivened and enriched by flowers and to be well-nourished, not only by grains but also by vegetables. "Vegetable nourishes the people's body and flower nourishes the people's soul." Under these circumstances we strive to be the company that provides the world with this necessary nourishment and smiles.

To be a global leading company 

build on the Japanese spirit of craftsmanship: "Monozukuri". The naked eye cannot see all the potential each seed has in it. Our "PASSION in Seed" will only be completed when the full potential in a seed can be reached to the highest standards set by the growers' cultural efforts according to market demands, field and climate conditions. Sakata will maintain its PASSION in leading the world seed industry by promoting our global business with our own products developed through our own efforts.

To be a company

where each employee talks about passion.

Each Sakata employee has the freedom to openly and freely express his / her opinion,responsibility and vision with PASSION. The slogan "PASSION in Seed" depicts such a vibrant atmosphere.

Sakata Siam Seed Co., Ltd. established in 1996 as BOI (Thailand’s Board of Investment) company. The purpose was to produce seed in Northeast Thailand        especially fruit crops such as watermelon, cucumber and tomato. Under appropriate weather condition, we have gradually increased in quantity and high quality until now. Nowadays, we are the key production site of fruit crops in SAKATA Group Japan.